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Links to the reading can be found in the course bibliography unless otherwise noted. Readings are subject to change until a week before they are due, but they will not be made longer.

Reading Group 1: Luis, Kate, Sean H.

Reading Group 2: Zaria, Gray, TJ

Reading Group 3: Georgia, Sean L., Charles, Gabriel

Blogging group A: Kate, Sean H., Zaria, Gabriel, Georgia

Blogging group B: Charles, Luis, Gray, Sean L., TJ

WeekDayDateTopicReadingWork Due
1Wednesday23 JanuaryGetting started
Friday25 JanuaryData representation & introduction to the MathLANCoover, A History of the Future of Narrative (PWeb)
One brief background information note on the reading to shared collaborative document

Assignment 0
2Monday28 JanuaryDiscussion: History of Computing 1Group 1: O'Regan Chp. 3: Foundations of Computing
Group 2: Grier Introduction & pp. 38-45
Group 3: Mahoney
Reading summaries posted by 5pm
Wednesday30 JanuaryToo cold!Background: Linux terminalGroup A: Blog post due by 5pm
Friday1 FebruaryLab: Introduction to LinuxGroup B: Comments due by 5pm
3Monday4 FebruaryBinary numbers & arithmetic

Read Depression Quest in class
Wednesday6 FebruaryLecture: Character encoding

Troubleshoot permissions
Group B: Blog post on Depression Quest due by 5pm
Friday8 FebruaryLab: Integer representation
Lecture: Negative integers in binary representation
Assignment 1 due at start of class
Group A: Comments due by Sunday 5pm
4Monday11 FebruaryDiscussion: History of Computing 3Group 2: O'Regan Chp. 7, Invention of the Integrated Circuit
Group 3: Kilby
Group 1: Nakamura
Reading outlines posted by 5pm
Wednesday13 FebruaryLab: Image representationGroup A: Blog post due by 5pm
Friday15 FebruaryImage representation & compressionAssignment 2
Group B: Comments due by 5pm
5Monday18 FebruaryDiscussion: History of Computing 4Group 1: O'Regan Chp. 14, The Internet Revolution
Group 2: Bush
Group 3: Haas

All: Explore example Twine narratives
Reading outlines posted by 5pm
Wednesday20 FebruaryLab: Basics of HTMLBackground: HTML

Explore example Twine narratives
Group B: Blog post due by 5pm
Friday22 FebruaryLab: Make your own websiteBackground: Web policiesAssignment 3
Group A: Comments due by 5pm
6Monday25 FebruaryDiscussion: History of Computing 5Group 3: O'Regan Chp. 17, "History of Operating Systems"
Group 1: Ritchie
Group 2: Unsworth
Reading outlines posted by 5pm
Wednesday27 FebruaryLab: PythonGroup A: Blog post due by 5pm
Friday1 MarchLab: PythonAssignment 4
Group B: Comment due by 5pm

7Monday4 MarchLab: Python
Wednesday6 MarchLab: Python
Friday8 MarchLab: Python
8Monday11 MarchDiscussion: History of Computing 6Group 2: O'Regan Chp. 16 "History of Programming Languages"
Group 3: Obama & Richtel
Group 1: Abbate
Reading summaries due 5pm
Wednesday13 MarchProject work sessionGroup B: Blog post due by 5pm
Friday15 MarchProject presentationsGroup A: Post comment before you commence spring break.
16-31 MarchSpring break!Whatever you pleasePlease get some sleep. And do something that's not work.
9MondayApril 1Search lecture & labBackground: Algorithm efficiency
WednesdayApril 3Search trees & Huffman encoding & lab
FridayApril 5Library research sessionAssignment 6
10MondayApril 8Discussion: Ethics & computer ethics Bonde, Firenze, et al.: "A Framework for Making Ethical Decisions"
Barger, Chp. 6
ACM Code of Ethics
Case Study: Caleb Thompson: "Don't Get Distracted"
Note: this is not a jigsaw reading week. Everyone should complete all readings.

WednesdayApril 10Lab: SortingGroup A: Blog post due by 5pm
FridayApril 12No class: Presentation work dayAssignment 7: Selected article citation & brief annotation

Group B: Comments due by 5pm
11MondayApril 15Ethics analysis & discussionGroup 1: Isaak, Hannah et al.

Group 2: Clive Thompson

Group 3: Barry AND Mungiu-Pippidi, A., & Munteanu, I.
Reading summaries due 5pm
WednesdayApril 17Complexity & computabilityGroup B: Blog post due by 5pm
FridayApril 19Digital circuits lecture & labBackground: Logic gatesGroup A: Comments due by 5pm
12MondayApril 22Ethics analysis & discussionGroup 1: Angwin AND Singer

Group 2: Johnson AND Rini

Group 3: Luerweg
Assignment 8: Project plan
Reading summaries due 5pm
WednesdayApril 24Circuits cont.Background: Computer organizationGroup A: Blog post due by 5pm
FridayApril 26No class: Project work dayFill out project update form by 5pm

Group B: Comments due by 5pm
13MondayApril 29Ethics analysis & discussionGroup 1: Flatow

Group 2: Maras & Alexandrou (one article, two authors)

Group 3: Sanders & Zucker (one article, two authors)
Reading summaries due 5pm
WednesdayMay 1Lab: Data path & memoryAssignment 9

Group B: Blog post due by 5pm
FridayMay 3Lab: Machine languageFill out project update form by 5pm

Group A: Comments due by 5pm Sunday
14MondayMay 6Networks lecture & lab
WednesdayMay 8A story of the digital age (wrapping up)
FridayMay 10Project presentationsFinal submission of project code/link and reflective essay due by 5pm unless otherwise negotiated.