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The registrar’s description for CSC 105:

“A study of core topics and great ideas in the field of computer science, focusing on underlying algorithmic principles and social implications. Topics may include multimedia and hypermedia, networks, architecture, programming languages, software design, artificial intelligence, databases, cryptography, and the theory of computing. Incudes formal laboratory work. Prerequisite: None.”

The description for the Spring 2019 section:

This course will combine hands-on introductions to the basic technologies of computing through in-class labs and conceptual introductions to underlying concepts, histories, and social implications through lecture and discussion. We will use this conceptual understanding to form a better grasp on the potentials and limits of digital technologies, to expand our own awareness of the human choices that have informed the development of the technologies that we rely on and consider what choices we have about future development. We will focus our exploration through the lens of narrative: how do computers turn voltages and circuits into words and stories? what are some of the stories that have been formed about history of computing? how has computing and digital technology shaped the way that we tell stories? can computers tell stories?